• Leadership Couples

    Focus on their mission~

    Check out our blog for stories!

  • Leadership Couples

    Work Together

    ~ in a cause greater than themselves!

    Check out our blog for stories!

  • Leadership Couples

    Know their values.

    And use them!

  • Leadership Couples

    Live their values.

    Do you know YOUR shared values?

  • Leadership Couples

    Leading Meaningful Lives

    Check out our blog for stories!

  • Leadership Couples

    Learn Together ~

    Date Night with a Purpose

    and Peer Advisory Groups!

  • Date Night

    With a Purpose

    Coming Soon!

Discover Your Values

Shared values are a powerful tool - they're the key to making solid decisions and plotting a strong future together. Discover your differentiating values... Read More

Enrich Your Marriage

Ever wonder if this is as good as it gets... if there's more to marriage? Enriching your marriage opens a whole new view to your future together! Try DATE NIGHTS with a purpose... Read More

Peer Advisory Groups

Better Insight - Stronger Outcomes. When you're focused on making a difference, having the advice & input from other strong leaders is invaluable. Read More

Leadership Learning

Our families, communities & organizations need insightful, positive-focused leadership. Join together to learn more about leadership and how to translate the learning into doing... Read More

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