What is a Lead Like Jesus Encounter?

LLJ Encounter bookIt’s a leadership development workshop for those who want their influence to go beyond a changed habit or a temporarily improved bottom line.

The Encounter introduces a unique leadership model focused on the greatest Leader of all time, Jesus.

During the Encounter workshop (8-10 hours) and through regular communication in the 12 weeks to follow, participants will discover the power of leading through God-given authority, compassion and grace.

LLJ Infographic The Leadership Solution

Encounter’s highly interactive design allows for peer-to-peer learning and self-discovery.  Each participant will learn how to have a greater impact by allowing Jesus to transform his or her Heart, Head, Hands and Habits.

LLJ Heart Head Hands HabitsWho Should attend?

Everyone who seeks to influence the thinking, behavior or development of others.

• Business Leaders

• Managers

• Pastors

• Coaches

• Team Leaders

• Human Resource Professionals

• Board Members

• Teachers

• Husbands and Wives / Parents & Grandparents

• ANYONE who desires greater personal and professional impact!


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How Lead Like Jesus began…

Ken Blanchard, prominent speaker and author, successfully taught effective leadership principles for years. But when he began to study the Bible, he became fascinated with how Jesus led perfectly in every way. Jesus transformed twelve ordinary, unlikely individuals into the first generation of Christian leaders, launching a movement that continues to affect the course of world history some two thousand years later.

Inspired by a new vision of influential leadership, Ken and his lifelong friend Phil Hodges co-founded Lead Like Jesus to inspire and equip people to lead like Jesus.

What is “Lead Like Jesus“?

Lead Like Jesus is a global leadership development organization that promises a leadership model that transforms you and those you influence.

Our proven methodology is based on the model of Jesus, focusing on heart-centered, transformative leadership that equips leaders to effectively impact their own spheres of influence.”

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