What is a Leadership Couple?


Husbands & Wives Leading Meaningful Lives

It’s about bringing honor to the role of husband and wife.  

It’s about the unique strength of a man and a woman working together.


 A Leadership Couple is…

  • one man & one woman united in marriage
  • focused on their faith in God and serving Christ
  • committed to each other for as long as they both live
  • dedicated to encouraging each other
  • making decisions using their differentiating values
  • working together as a team in a cause greater than themselves
  • not perfect

The purpose of this website is to

  1. bring honor & glory to God
  2. provide resources to couples who lead their families & communities
  3. create a community of leadership couples  who mentor & encourage other couples
  4. highlight the positive impact leadership couples make in the world around them

 Who & Why?

Robert & Lori Ferguson are passionate about

encouraging husbands and wives to lead meaningful lives.  

We work with Christian couples in business – and our “big, hairy, audacious goal” is to bring honor to the role of husband and wife and see families, communities, cities, counties, states and countries changed because Leadership Couples are working to make things better.

Learn more about Robert at Ferguson Values – and Lori at Encourage Your Spouse.

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