Leadership Learning

Leadership is influence.

Nothing more, nothing less.

 Your Company

Are you and your spouse in business together?

Here you have special challenges – both in marriage and leading employees.

Learning leadership principles, and practicing their application can strengthen both your marriage and your business.

Three options to strengthen your business & marriage:  Lead Like Jesus Encounter  or a John Maxwell guided book exploration – or working on your values as a couple in business.

Your Family

Our families need strong, healthy leadership.  

As children in families grow from toddler to teen, and then to grown adult children, a husband a wife with strong leadership skills will make a great impact in and on their children’s lives.

Even greater – they can make a positive impact in the lives of all their extended family.

Does that sound like something you’d like to pursue?

Consider a Lead Like Jesus Encounter with a group of other couples with families – or a 6 week Enrichment course – or a guided leadership study using one (or more) of John Maxwell’s books.


Your Community

Church, School, Volunteer Organization

Are you involved in your church, your children’s school or a volunteer organization?

Positive leadership is so necessary in the volunteer world.  

Most times you’ll be leading from the second or third chair (not making the decisions, but effecting the decisions).

Can you and your spouse lead well – together?  What an impact you could make!

A Lead Like Jesus Encounter would be a perfect way to bring your team together – to learn from the greatest leadership model there has ever been – Jesus!  Another option would be using a John Maxwell book as the jump-off point for a guided 8-week study with your team.

YOU are invited!

Leadership LearningAs a a Lead Like Jesus facilitator and certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Robert invites you to a discovery of your strengths as a Leadership Couple. Robert and Lori are also certified facilitators in the Prepare & Enrich program.

Using the Lead Like Jesus Encounter, along with varying John Maxwell books and programs, and Prepare/Enrich resources, our own values assessment and other learning activities we’ve honed, you and your spouse will travel through growth-oriented exercises, discoveries.

There are options for online learning, or on-site as a couple or group.


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