Leading into 2017 – What’s your focus?

Leading into 2017 – What’s your focus?

Leading into 2017 – in family, faith, work or non-profit – where are you focused?

  • how will you grow?
  • who will you learn from?
  • what’s your path forward?

If you influence anyone – you’re a leader. What’s the plan for 2017?

How will you demonstrate you care?

  • Will you provide words of affirmation – and stay to listen, looking into the eyes of those you lead as they share their heart? Will you speak hope – share your faith in God – demonstrate love without restraint – pray for and with those your lead – and be that extra bit of support without taking any credit?
  • Will you put down your phone when you’re with those you lead? Perhaps leading by example – leaving your phone at your desk, in your car, or tucked away while meeting with those you are responsible for? Begin a new trend: no phones in meetings, at dinner or even at the bedside.
  • Will you greet your spouse in the morning, before you check your phone? Don’t charge your phone beside your bed! Leave it in another room. And for those who use their phone as an alarm clock… buy an alarm clock! (that’s a humorous section in a video by Simon Sinek)

Take a look at this video from the program Inside Quest – Simon Sinek on Leadership:

(It’s worth an hour of your time. Really.)

Lots of food for thought and action – in a family, in church-world, in non-profit and at work!


-> Do people feel like you care? <-


leading into 2017 - leadership is the responsibility to take are of people around us


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