Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

Last Saturday and Sunday, we were privileged to be with an inspiring group of people in North Texas – Robert led a Lead Like Jesus Encounter.

One of the transformational parts of the Lead Like Jesus 3.1 Encounter is a study on change – and how it impacts people, including those who are responsible for leading. There were many “ah-hah” moments, and powerful insights in these two days. I wonder – have you talked about leading through change with your spouse?

There’s nothing as constant as change – but change strikes us all differently.

Some of us adapt quickly, moving forward effectively when changes appear. Others need time to process the change. Still others focus obsessively on the expenditure of resources needed to manage the change.

What happens to a husband and wife team when faced with change?

Just because two people are married, doesn’t mean they manage that change identically. They still need to lead their family, their business, or ministry through that change.

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