What is Prepare/Enrich?

Prepare/Enrich is a program for husbands and wives to enrich their marriage.prepare enrich couple on couch

(It’s also used as a preparation tool before marriage – but here at LeadershipCouples, we’re imagining you’re already married!)

The program consists of an

  • online assessment
  • and 6* sessions

with you and your spouse, and with Robert and Lori as your facilitators, discussing, learning and growing – Enriching your marriage!

   *sessions can be either in-person, if we’re in your area – or online via Skype/Google hangout.

What will you learn?

The online assessment and 6-session facilitation, using a 28-page workbook and discussion, will help you and your spouse to enrich your marriage by:

  • exploring your relationship strength and growth areas
  • Couples Workbook Prepare Enrichpromoting honest and personalized dialogue about your relationship
  • exploring your relationship and  families-of-origin using the Couple & Family Maps
  • helping you learn important skills in the areas of
    • Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Financial Management
    • Stress Management
  • provide you with personality assessments and comparison between the two of you
  • give you increased insight and awareness in important areas such as
    • Expectations
    • Sexuality
    • Spiritual Beliefs
    • Roles
    • Personality Differences
  • help you develop personal, couple, and family goals



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