Reminisce and Reflect Together

Reminisce and Reflect Together

You have a history as a couple. Do you ever take the time to reminisce and reflect together?

Reflect & Reminisce

The value of reflection means: contemplation; calm, lengthy, and intent consideration; chew over. Reminiscing has a bit different meaning; it’s about recalling all the pleasant experiences. Both are a valuable exercise in marriage and leadership.

Because we feel the experience of reflecting and reminiscing is so valuable, we’ve written a short eBook with 29 questions to be a catalyst for the experience.

29 reminiscing and reflecting questions title page

You can download the short ebook at Gumroad (where we are hosting our resources).

12-page eBook! Reminisce & Reflect

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Leaders are intentional about growth.

You’re a couple in a leadership role, and as leaders, you need to be intentional about growth. If you’re not growing… you’re dying! Reminiscing can be a fun way to grow – reflection is a deep way to grow. Give yourself the opportunity to grow. 

And there’s more…

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The Barney’s are giving away one signed copy of their book to a reader who leaves a comment on posts at Encourage Your Spouse! (the full details are in this post at Encourage Your Spouse.)

Have you done any reflecting or reminiscing with your spouse lately?