Everyone Communicates Few Connect

Thoughts as we read through the book

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently

by John Maxwell

The tagline on this book is: “What the most effective people do differently.”




How do you know when you’ve connected with someone?

What does success look like?

  • Extra Effort – people go the extra mile
  • Unsolicited Appreciation – they say positive things
  • Unguarded Openness – they demonstrate trust
  • Increased Communication – they express themselves more readily
  • Enjoyable Experiences – they feel good about what they’re doing
  • Emotional Bondedness – they display a connection on an emotional level
  • Positive Energy – their emotional “batteries” are charged by being together
  • Growing Synergy – their effectiveness is greater than the sum of the contributions
  • Unconditional Love – they are accepting without reservation

Imagine a survey/scale of 1-10, with this listed as the questions, where would you be right now on that scale with your spouse?  With employees? With those in your circle of influence?  Hopefully some of these signs would show up…

Here’s a quick survey using some of these questions as they apply to your relationship with your spouse – take a moment and fill it out… (scroll down on the survey – there are 5 questions)

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Thank you for answering – no names will show – this survey is completely private!

How do you feel about your answers?

How would your spouse respond?

Remember – there is no such thing as a perfect relationship – we’re ALL learning and growing. You may be in a summer season of marriage where everything is bright and beautiful, or you may be in an icy cold, blizzardly winter season of marriage. Your answers will change.

Take at a look at the book and learn more…