Where are your phones?

Where are your phones?

Robert and I have been on-the-road for 16 months. It’s been a great experience, and, if we’re being candid, we aren’t ready to settle back down into a stationary life-style.

We’ve learned a number of things as we travel – one major item is to grab the opportunities available.

We enjoy the moment.

Yes. We grab the opportunities and enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, we also want to capture each moment.

Like most of our culture, we carry our cell-phones with us at every moment, and use the device as our camera, our note-taker, our communication device (text and voice), and a way to research anything and everything.

Sometimes we’re too busy looking at our phones – and we miss the moment!

Can you relate?

We wrote about this concern, and how it impacts all of us, on Lead Like Jesus…

Read about our concerns & thoughts -> Leaving our phones in the truck.

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