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Forging Values Keynote

The secret to your company’s brand experience is in forging a few key values into your organization’s DNA. Find out the 17 common values across all Fortune 500 companies – those values every organization is expected to possess. Then learn how to choose your own differentiating values to set strategic direction and competitive advantage.

This 1-hour keynote presentation is filled with real-life examples, and the theory to make values relevant to everyone in your organization.


Thanks for the great presentation at today’s AHRMA meeting in Austin, Texas. I have to tell you that you are the first person in a long time who talked about values in a way that made sense to me.
Charles Williams

Workforce and Planning Development, Austin Energy

Lunch & Learn

In this 20-minute mini-presentation, Robert talks about his research on the Fortune 500 companies’ values, and shares the list of 17 common values.

Then he gives a few details and tells stories of companies which do an excellent job in making their values a part of their organization’s DNA and culture.

It’s always refreshing to learn new perspectives and gain ideas on improving work culture… We are working on putting our values onto paper and into our everyday lives here and you gave some great pointers on how we can continue our process.
Elizabeth Humphrey

Studio Six5

Forging Values Workshop

During a year-long research project of the Fortune 500 companies, Robert realized there were only 17 common values across all these organizations. In this half-day workshop, Robert will introduce your organization to the concept of the 17 common values.

He’ll explain how some of these Fortune 500 companies use their values well – and how a few miss the mark.

And then Robert will take you one step further – to discover what’s missing… Differentiating Values. 

You’ll walk through the process to define your company’s (or your own) differentiating values using a listing of 400+ values, anchored into 15 categories.

This 1/2 day workshop is a marriage of theory and practical – you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of what your values are, and how you can live them every day in your organization.

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